Part Time CFO Needed

  • Finance
  • ATLANTA, United States

Part Time CFO Needed

Job description

Please submit Cover Letter, Resume and 3 References(2 Professional References). Must have 10 years + of Finance experience.

CFO Job Duties:

Goal: Through continuous evaluation and managing accounting & finance operation

thus to provide strategic plans in growth, expansion and renewal. etc.

• Establish, advise and monitor start up budget

• Provide start up funding alternatives comparison and recommendation

• Provide strategy planning in facilities

• Provide staffing matrix planning

  • Payroll

• Establish effective accounting infrastructures

• Prepare and implement best practice financial policies and procedures

• Coordinate with different departments to establish effective internal control

• Establish banking relations prior to school starts

• Establish and negotiate vendors terms and cost

• Create reports such as profit/loss, income statement, etc. as needed

Job requirements

Operation Phase (On-going):

• Oversees daily operations to ensure accuracy

• Implement collection policy if any

• Oversees cash flow to ensure positive cash on hand and in reserve if any

• Prepare and provide monthly financial statements for board meeting

• Customize management reports per request

• Evaluate Start Up accounting process and infrastructure and continue

• Streamline process to improvement efficiency

• Streamline Start Up accounting software and maximize its full capacity

• Implement automation process if needed

• Introduce and implement automation process with varies software

• Coordinate with auditors and support on annual audit

• Provide strategic advices on expansion/renewal if any

• Create, monitor and manage operational budget and projections

• Create business model templates for varies classroom settings and consolidated

• basis.

• Coordinate with authorizer & GA DOE on grant monitoring and reporting

• Reconcile all bank accounts

• Funding Reports to Grants and the authorizer

• Assist with financial advisement and policy

• Create financial policy handbook for school

• Communicate with the authorizer  on any financial matters pertaining to the school

• Pre Audit/Audit preparation quarterly

• Monitor accounts and alert board if there is any unsupervised or irregular activity

• Discuss budget, expenditures, and financial projections with board at monthly board


• Weekly finance staff meeting by Monday each week

• Review and provide monthly financial statements (both individual and

consolidated) by the 15th of each following month, pending on school internal

• CFO/Accountant completed all data entry accurately by the last day of each month.

• Communicate with authorizer once per month with the State Charter School regarding

financial deadlines

• Assist and prepare school for all financial deadlines and state finance requirements

• Attend state mandatory finance webinars/trainings

• Attend board meetings monthly(Teleconference is possible